Here’s a list of our film gear. Why do we need all of this stuff? Because filming a movie isn’t easy. Having great film gear on hand makes the production process go a lot smoother. You’ll also need a crew of professional creators to assist you with creating your masterpiece. We offer a variety of services for the film industry. Services include filming, editing, capturing on-set audio, sound design, audio dialogue replacement, etc.

DFW Film Crew is a video production company that offers video production services to agencies all over the United States. Our team of skilled creatives share a common philosophy – being a cameraman is not the dream, being a filmmaker is!

Our niche market is corporate video production. We film company overviews, instructional videos, product videos, commercials and more. We’ve even teamed up with other video production companies to do feature films and documentaries. 

Our work has been seen on some of the biggest digital streaming platforms in the world.

corporate video production

Editing Gear Available

*Each Apple Mac Pro has 1TB M.2 SSD, USB 3, and/or USB-C/Thunderbolt.

Camera Gear Available

Sound Gear Available

Stabilization Gear Available

Lighting Gear Available

*All film gear listed may not be available if multiple shoots are happening simultaneously.

Having great film gear is a major key!

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